Are you looking for a way to study in the United Kingdom for free? The Chevening Scholarship, one of the top scholarships in the UK, offers you a golden opportunity to transform your career while studying in world-class educational institutions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of the Chevening Scholarship for international students in 2024, its benefits, requirements, and application process.

Summary of Chevening Scholarship 2024 in the UK:

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Host Organization: Chevening Awards are awarded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organizations.
  • Course Level: Master’s Degree Program (Masters/MPhil)
  • Course Duration: 1-year Master’s Degree Scholarship Program

Benefits of the Chevening Scholarship 2024

The Chevening Scholarship offers a range of enticing benefits to its recipients:

  • Chevening covers the quarantine costs if booked through Diversity Travel.
  • The scholarship covers the full tuition fee.
  • Chevening scholars are exempt from paying any visa fees.
  • A monthly living allowance is provided to ensure you can focus on your studies.
  • Recipients receive an economy class return air ticket to the UK.
  • Additional grants are available to cover extra expenditures in the UK.
  • If a TB test is required in your home country, Chevening will reimburse the cost.
  • Cash cards are provided upon arrival, ensuring you have the resources you need during your studies.

Chevening Scholarship Requirements 2024

To be eligible for the Chevening Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a citizen of a Chevening eligible country or territory.
  • Applicants are required to return to their home country for at least two years after completing their studies.
  • You should be applying for a full-time master’s degree program lasting no less or more than 12 months.
  • Applicants must have an undergraduate degree equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the UK.
  • You must apply to three different university courses and receive an unconditional letter for one of them.
  • Applicants should have a minimum of two years of work experience or 2,800 hours of work.
  • British nationals and dual British citizens are ineligible unless they are citizens of British overseas territories and are applying from Hong Kong.
  • Individuals with refugee status in a non-Chevening country are not eligible, with an exception for those in Chevening member countries.
  • Employees, former employees, or relatives of current and former employees of Her Majesty’s Government or staff members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities cannot apply.
  • Applicants employed by or related to employees of a Chevening partner organization can apply, but they cannot receive a Chevening partner award from that specific organization.
  • Applicants already in the UK under UK Government funding are ineligible.

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship 2024

The application process for the Chevening Scholarship involves several crucial steps:

  • Apply online through the online application system (OAS).
  • It’s recommended to use Google Chrome on a laptop or PC for a smoother application experience.
  • Apply to three different courses at UK universities as you need an unconditional offer letter for one course.
  • Ensure your documents are in JPG, PNG, or PDF format and not larger than 5MB.
  • File names should not exceed 50 characters.

Chevening Scholarship Application Process 2024

The application process requires careful attention to detail and accuracy:

  • All applications must be submitted in English.
  • Keep your OAS username and password secure for future access.
  • Provide accurate contact and email information.
  • Avoid using the browser’s back and forward buttons; instead, use the menu from the application form.
  • The application includes four essay questions, each with a minimum word count of 100 and a maximum of 500.
  • The application does not have an autosave feature, so be sure to save your progress.
  • Each online application session expires every 60 minutes, so save your application before the session ends.
  • You can log out and resume your application using your username, password, and the link sent via email.
  • You have three chances to submit the eligibility form correctly; otherwise, you can reapply the following year.

NOTE: Once you submit your application, you cannot modify it; your first submission is final.

You may submit only one application per year.

Tips for Chevening Scholarship Reference Letters

Reference letters play a crucial role in your application and should include the following details:

  • Referee’s contact information, including address, email, and phone number.
  • Duration of the referee’s acquaintance with you.
  • Referee’s capacity and relationship with you.
  • The last contact date between the referee and the applicant.
  • A brief endorsement of your skills and suitability for the Chevening Scholarship.

Tips for a Successful Chevening Scholarship Application Form

To increase your chances of success, follow these guidelines when completing the application form:

  • Ensure you provide correct answers to the pre-screen questions to access the application form.
  • Pay careful attention to all eligibility sections.
  • Enter accurate work experience details, including work hours and weeks.
  • Avoid indicating dual citizenship.
  • Choose the same courses at three different universities, demonstrating your commitment to your goals.
  • Avoid selecting duplicate courses for the same university.
  • Fill out the declaration section accurately.
  • Do not copy answers from other sources to prevent plagiarism.
  • Avoid repeating the same answers.
  • Meet the word count requirements.

Consider obtaining an English Proficiency Certificate, even if not required by Chevening, as some universities may request it for an unconditional offer letter.

Apply for the Chevening Scholarship HERE

Chevening Scholarship Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Chevening Scholarship in 2024 is November 7, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this incredible educational journey in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Chevening Scholarship?

The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious and fully funded scholarship program offered to international students by the UK government. It provides an opportunity for exceptional individuals to pursue a one-year master’s program in the United Kingdom.

2. Who is eligible for the Chevening Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Chevening Scholarship, applicants must be citizens of Chevening-eligible countries or territories, have a minimum of two years of work experience, and meet other specific criteria outlined in the eligibility requirements.

3. What are the benefits of the Chevening Scholarship?

The Chevening Scholarship covers a range of expenses, including tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, visa costs, airfare, and additional grants for extra expenses. It also includes support for quarantine costs and reimbursement for any required TB tests.

4. Can I apply for multiple Chevening Scholarships in different years?

No, each applicant is allowed to submit only one Chevening Scholarship application per year. Make sure to carefully review and submit your application for the year that best suits your plans.

5. Do I need to have an offer letter from a UK university to apply for the Chevening Scholarship?

Yes, you need to apply and secure an unconditional offer letter for a full-time master’s degree program from a UK university to be eligible for the Chevening Scholarship.



The Chevening Scholarship for international students in 2024 offers a life-changing opportunity to study in the UK, covering your tuition, living expenses, and more. By meeting the scholarship’s requirements and following the application process diligently, you can become part of a global community of Chevening scholars and join the ranks of influential leaders and change-makers. Apply before the November 7, 2023 deadline to unlock a world of possibilities in the United Kingdom.

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